The GRSC Data Platform was developed to provide a single, comprehensive user-friendly platform to our Clients to manage huge volumes of disparate data.

The Platform

  • Incorporates the latest security features available
  • Caters for a wide variety of file formats
  • Automatically OCR and Profile ingested data
  • Provides advanced Entity Extraction functionality
  • Has powerful and unique Visualisation of data capabilities

Key Features


  • Data flexes with business needs using through an agnostic platform with extensibility, customisability and API’s
  • Aggregate data in new and meaningful ways to the business user in context of their work domain
  • Synchronise data identity across any data sources.
  • Identify facts, time, entities, relationships, locations, frequency and patterns in data
  • Search, discover, analyse and dynamically visualise answers across all data in real-time
  • Parallel Processing of Data
  • Queue and manage data for analyst review and case management
  • Translate, archive and de-duplicate data
  • Recursively create, add, transform, expand and evolve data
  • Protect and secure all data through multi level security and auditability

Entity Extraction


The system provides a report of all the documents that passed through the Entity Extraction Engine and the estimated extraction accuracy score for each document. The user is able to revisit any document and manually update the extraction results, which improves the intelligence of the Entity Extraction Engine.



Abilities of the Core Visualiser™ 
Operates and interacts with all major databases. 
Real-time data visualisation from any number of disparate databases. 
Real-time data convergence from any number of disparate databases.

The Power of the Visualiser™ Technology 
Centralised data storage environment with the ability to retrieve data faster. 
Dynamic, Intelligent Information. 
Contextualized ‘named’ links between data entities. 
Dynamic data structure.

Data Storage and Access Features of the Visualiser™ Technology 
Access by association. 
Fully distributable storage system. 
All data are serialized and persisted on creation.

Whoever the client, whatever the task, we leave nothing to chance.